Rohit Bakshi

Mr. Rohit Bakshi

Indian Entrepreneur, Founder & Director of 3BL and International Business Consultant.

Mr. Rohit Bakshi is an Indian Entrepreneur, born in Delhi India and grew up in Japan. He is the Founder and Director of 3BL.

As professional 3×3 player he started playing 3×3 Basketball League in 2016 and he has played in Japanese 3×3 professional league, 3BL Thailand league as well as FIBA 3×3 World Tour Masters.

Mr. Bakshi’s path-breaking vision saw the launch of ‘3×3 Pro Basketball League’ (3BL) which is India’s (3BL India-Y2017), Croatia (3BL Croatia-Y2022) first and only professional 3×3 basketball league approved by FIBA and federation of relevant country, in the 3×3 format!

Mr. Bakshi has dug deep into 3BL’s goals, built efficient teams and adapted to new insights to empower the aspiring youth with professional career-paths in 3×3 professional basketball.  It is his dream to one day witness the 3×3 Basketball Teams win the Gold Medal at an Olympics.

Apart form 3BL, Mr. Rohit Bakshi is currently also active in multiple business categories across the globe.

It includes various continental geographical locations

  • 3BL (3×3 Pro Basketball League)
  • IT Industry
  • Software Development
  • Construction
  • Business Consulting
  • 360 Degree Event Management & Marketing agency
  • Stock Market & Gold Commodity Trading
  • 3BL (3×3 Pro Basketball League)
  • General Secretary – “Japanese chamber of Commerce”
  • Farming
  • Transport & Logistic sector
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate
  • Business Consultant
  • PR Service
  • Real Estate
  • Business Consultant
  • 3×3 Basketball Consultant